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Great game

great game with lovely music, and the new reset button made retrying levels for three stars a lot easier. looking forward to the new clock world.

Little Luca

Innovative and challenging physics puzzle gameplay, and a game that every ios user should own! Also, Looking forward to the clock world that's coming soon!

Good. Almost great.

I really like the concept, but the game feels so... slow... In a game about perfect timing and precision, the pace need to be faster. The ball really floats through the air, restarting the level need to be one-button and instant, and the time between starting a level and actually playing should be zero (not several seconds while you wait for the ball to fall or a lazy whale to cross your screen). Those slight delays compound the frustration of mistakes. It says something about the game's potential that I played through 14 levels anyway. But in the end I couldn't do it anymore. Too frustrating.

Looks good and cute

Learn from AppPusher, looks good and cute

A little frustrating

Very imprecise "bounce" controls mean you lack real control and hence the otherwise simple levels are frustrating. It's not the good difficulty of complexity, which I love, but of chance aim, which gets old quickly. The graphics feel cheap in a bad way, too, instead of retro in a good way.

Great little game

So cute arcade game! And nice controls!

Addicting game, spiffy soundtrack

Love this game. simple to play, and very addicting. Love the retro graphics.

Good game

Simple but effective interface. The one-touch control is spot on and it feels very precise and interactive. You control the various elements with it, like gravity centers, wind/force fields and object deformation all to guide "Little Luca" (a small ball) to the exit, on its way collecting as many of the three stars as possible. Sounds simple, yes, but it is not easy but so much more rewarding when you succeed :-) What can I say, I fell for this little game

Yay update!

Thanks for adding acheivements. I had fully 100% the game a while ago and I was hoping that would be picked up immediately but nope. However I got them to unlock with a little effortless replaying so I'm pleased.

Amazing game

Tnx vsauce3 :D


It's right up there with Quell. So beautifully polished, so deeply rewarding.

Great gameplay

Awesome game. The physics are great and its fun and challenging. The graphics are a bit low res but doesn't effect the quality of the game at all.

A special treat

This is a wonderful little physics puzzler. With its simple and sparse pixel graphics, beautiful background tunes, and one touch controls it has a real purity. Thankfully, there is no IAP to spoil that. The game play demands a lot of trial and error to collect 3 stars on many levels, but it is for the user to decide how important that is or to just move on. Since I am a bit anal retentive and will keep trying for all of the stars, I do wish the restart level button was top level rather then one menu level deep under the pause icon. I find the game play to be interesting but we have seen these type of physics puzzles many times before. On a positive note, there is good variety here, tons of levels and plenty of challenge. The theme of the game is really lovely and ties together nicely with the task of collecting stars. It's pays off beautifully on the "Starmap" screen which lets you see your stars collected and provides access to the Game Center leaderboards. All in all, this is a lovely game that certainly deserves support and is a real bargain for a dollar. It oozes charm and love.

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